Monday, February 13, 2012

Play: Valentine Love Hunt

In my search for "games" for my 15-month old, I came across this one in a book, and I thought it would be great for now, being as it is almost Valentine's Day.

The game itself is simple, but those can be the very best kind. I like it because kisses are an integral part of it. And I think Sebastian likes that part of it, too.

So to do the game, all you need is some cut out hearts. I made some out of those foam sheets you can get at a craft store for cheap. I figured this way, they would be a little more durable because, Sebastian is teething (and has been for for-ev-er, I swear, it's really ridiculous), and he really wants to put silly things in his mouth and even gets a kick out of showing me the ridiculous things he has stuffed in there. So all that is to say, I needed something that would stand up to his slobber, but you could definitely make the hearts out of construction paper, fabric, sponges, whatever. You just need some hearts.
Hearts "hidden" around the room

Then, you place them around the room and ask your little one to go retrieve the hearts for you. Once they bring you back one, you say "thank you" (teaching manners) and then give them a kiss (teaching kindness). That's it. Really simple, but a good reason to love on your kiddo and teach them a little something to boot.
He brings a heart to daddy...

and gets a kiss!

As a variation for an older child, you could have them hide the hearts and then you have to find them. And when you do, they give you kisses.
And here's a heart for Momma. No kiss picture here, but trust me, there was one. :)

Really, this is just a way for me to kiss Sebastian because I sure do love me some baby kisses! What reason are you going to use for kissing your children today?

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