Thursday, February 23, 2012

Play and Review: Wheeeeeee-ls cars

It was about two years ago that I stumbled upon this section of toys at Target. I was shopping for Aly's birthday gift for her 1st birthday (what pressure!), and I found the cutest instrument set. She loved everything music (still does!), so I knew this would be the perfect gift. What made it even more perfect was that, at the time, it was only $14.95. Score.


This New Years I was looking for a gift for Ada (which proved to be very difficult. What does a one year old need or want?)... and again, came across this section of toys and knew she would love the Sugar Chute. She has an obsession with opening and closing doors, and taking things in and out of containers, so this was an no-brainer.

Just a few days ago, B. toys sent us their Wheeee-ls! cars.
Ms. Aly examining the cars. She loved the texture and colors of the cars.

 We got four chunky cars that each make different (non-electronic) sounds when they are pulled back and let go. Ada (15 months) especially loved these because of the way they fit in her hand (it seems to be designed to fit little peoples' hands), the sounds, and the way she could let it zoom across the floor after pulling it back. Of course, since she's also has her momma's need for organization, she loves parking them back into the box.
fits little hands!
 You may be wondering- What does "B." stand for? Exactly what I was thinking, so I went to their site, and was impressed by what I read and saw. 

Green: The packages are made from recycled materials, and some of the containers the toys come in can be used as gift wrap too by reversing the boxes. Each container is designed so that you can store your toy in it. For our cars, we use the box as a garage.

Creative: Most of the toys are ones that they hope will inspire creativity in our children, and not just something they turn on and watch play by itself. The designs and colors are all just a little bit different than what we're used to seeing. For those of you that care about design, I think you'll find these interesting.

Give back: For each toy they give, they give $.10 to Free the Children. While I'm glad they give back, I must admit that I wish it was more...maybe $1.00 would be more generous.

Now, I'm not a "go buy this" kind of person. I believe that things don't make our lives, or our children's lives, better. I just know that most of us parents buy gifts for our kids (or other kids) for birthdays or Christmas or New Years or whatever, and that we want something that is quality, fun, and a good price. Some of us also want to buy from companies that are giving back or promoting a sense of community. If these are your values, I'd encourage you to check out B. Toys website (or various local stores where they are sold) when you are searching for a gift on a special day.

Thank you, B. Toys, for giving me the Wheeeee-ls! car to review. I want ya'll to know that I'm not being monetarily compensated for this post, and these opinions are 100% my own.

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