Monday, December 26, 2011

Play: Paper SnowBall Fight!!


Perhaps you are like us and have yet to have any substantial snowfall. Where are you, snow?!

Our kids have been talking about, thinking about, and reading about snow lately, so we decided to treat them to a family snowball fight....inside.

Just crumple the paper (we keep a big box of old papers for various crafts/projects).

            Pick teams. Create your fortress.
                              And Throw!!
                            Poor Mama.

I love this activity because it's quick to set-up, fun to do, and an easy clean-up. For older kids, you could even have everyone write things they are thankful for in the paper, and after the snowball fight, have fun opening them up and reading them. You could even make a game of it and try and guess who wrote what! 

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