Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Button Sort and String

It's funny what type of thing can hold a preschooler's attention for a long period of time!  When it's quiet time for my three-year-old niece I have a variety of activities she can play with independently. Since it's December, I recently pulled out a bag of Christmas buttons for her to play with, and she had a great time with them!

Sorting the buttons is a fun activity that many children will initiate doing on their own, and can definitely continue doing if started by an adult.  We sorted our buttons according to color and according to size.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Hosting a "Why Do We Call It Christmas?" Party!

Last night after a rather firm "Christmas-is-not-all-about-the-presents" lecture from his mother, my son prayed that God would help him to be excited about celebrating Jesus' birthday, not just about the presents.  As a family are trying to do different things that help our children concentrate on the true meaning of Christmas.  We are using this great advent book, and we've got an advent calendar that tells the story of Christmas.  The kids still enjoy acting out the Christmas story with our Little People Nativity set too!   But this year in addition to those things, we are also having a "Why Do We Call It Christmas?" family party.  This 60 minutes movie written by Phil Vischer (creator of Veggie Tales and the What's in the Bible series) answers some interesting questions that kids and maybe even adults have about Christmas.  For example, the movie talks about where the holiday's name came from, why we have Christmas trees, who Saint Nicolas is, and what the word Emmanuel means.  As we watch, I'm planning to jot down a few questions so we can play little quiz game when the movie is done.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas Morning Breakfast Casserole

Today's post comes courtesy of my good friend, Juana. Juana is a professionally trained chef turned momma, so you know this is going to be delicious. Enjoy!

Christmas is a big deal in most of the households that I have become acquainted with over the years. We take this time of year to reflect over the birth of Our Lord in great company of our families and close friends. Singing songs and telling stories that are filled with joy and excitement, perhaps by a warm fire … and even sharing a meaningful gift or two between one another. Its Just a few winter wonderful days of  Joy, Love-, and we cant forget the great Food!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Mickey's Magical Math World and Disney Imagicademy for Parents

Kids everywhere love the Disney characters, and Mickey’s Magical Math World brings together fun and learning in a unique way that only Disney can!  Geared for kids ages 3-8, children join the spaceship with Mickey and friends as they fly toward Math World.   With excellent animation and an interesting storyline, children will enjoy finding out more about what their Disney friends are up to.   Once the spaceship has landed on Math World, your child can pick a place (and topic) where they want to play and learn! 

Problem Solving – Help Daisy Duck guide a sleepwalking friend to his bed, using reasoning skills to collect as many sheep as you can along the way.   Then, make groups of ten with the pieces of old furniture you have collected.

Monday, December 15, 2014

An Ornament a Year: a family tradition

Today's guest post comes from Karissa, who is continuing her family tradition of giving each child his or her own special ornament on Christmas.  I love how Karissa works hard to make Christmas meaningful for her family!

When I was growing up, my parents had a special tradition for me and my four siblings.  Each year on Christmas Eve, they would present to us a new ornament.  The ornament was a reminder of something significant that happened in our life during the previous year.  It represented a major milestone, a memorable experience, a big accomplishment etc.  When I got married and moved to California with my new husband, my mom gave me a box filled with 22 years worth of ornaments.  To this day, when I open that box, I don't see the ornaments as much as I see the memories.  Many highlights of my childhood, teenage, and young-adult years are tucked snugly into that shoebox.

MUMZY: Get Ready for This!

Sometimes the middle of the night can be a crazy creative time. You're laying by your child who just had a bad dream and insists that you hold her hand until she falls back asleep all the while in a super awkward position that ensures no sleep will be happening for you until you can escape the death grip on your hand. In the meantime, your mind starts wandering and suddenly you think of a perfect idea. THE PERFECT IDEA.

Well, now there's a place where you can go to share those creative ideas and turn them into a reality. MUMZY ( is a new platform designed for women, by women, to share ideas, get funded, and support one another as we reach towards whatever idea is simmering right below the surface, waiting for the "right time." The cool thing about this site is that its' not just a crowd funding platform, but also a place where women are supported through small business development resources after the capital is raised. The website is just in its infancy stage but it is already gaining some serious momentum.  Hop on over and check it out.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Organizing Your Life in 2015: The Perfect Planner

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who use paper planners and those that do not.

I'm a "totally-all-in-yes-I-do" paper planner lover.

For the past several years I've been using Target's Greenroom planner. It's fairly thin, durable, cute cover, lots of margin space, grid paper, and not too much structure. Perfect for my organizing all the to-dos, playdates, field trips, projects, errands, etc. BUT, when my happy little organized self went to Target to get my 2015 planner (oh the joy!) I didn't find it.

I got that sinking feeling, but decided not to panic. This is just a planner. I'm sure it's online.

It wasn't online. Greenroom has apparently decided not to make them anymore (this is probably their worst business decision ever. Someone needs to get fired).

I gave a call out to my Facebook friends with my dilemma and they came through (they always do!) and shared with me some of their favorites. While I didn't end up going with their suggestions, I thought I'd share them with those of you wandering souls who haven't decided on a planner yet :). Okay, and I had to think of some way to justify that my 6-10 hours of online planner researching was useful (sometimes I exaggerate, but this is not one of those times. Ask my husband). Plus, I'll reveal the one I did go with at the end.