Monday, March 30, 2015

Maddi's Fridge: Raising Awareness of Hunger with our Kids

The kids and I read a book tonight we stumbled upon at the library earlier today. It's a great developmentally-appropriate book for kids that deals with a serious topic- hunger.

Maddi's Fridge is a story about two girls who learn that friends help friends, in the big things and the small things.


This story starts out with two friends playing in the park- swinging, sliding, climbing. One of the girls, Maddi, is super good at the climbing wall, the other girl, Sofia, not so much. The story continues with the two girls running into Maddi's apartment building because Sofia is hungry and wants to grab a snack. Maddi is protesting all the way.... which we see is because Maddi's family doesn't have any food.

Friday, March 27, 2015

How Do I Talk to My Child About Death?

This post is the fifth in our "How do I talk to my child about?" series. We are covering bad languagedisabilitiesdivorce, adoption, death, race, religion, and personal protection. You won't want to miss these, so be sure to follow us by email on the sidebar and never miss a post!

Today's post comes from my very good friends, Gabe and Lynne. Our family met them in Kentucky where we were studying at Asbury Theological Seminary. I love to tell about how when the first time we met (on the playground), Lynne invited our whole family over for dinner. Like, we left the playground and followed them to their house! This is a perfect picture of the kind of friends we were to become. 

Gabe and Lynne found out on June 8th, 2011, that their sweet baby in utero had anencephaly, a fatal form of spina bifida. This began them on a journey that continues today. They have so kindly agreed to share about how they've been talking about death with their older daughter, Sara (and eventually their son Samuel). Thanks so much to you, Gabe and Lynne, for teaching us through your experience and wisdom. We're so grateful for your authenticity and generosity in opening up your lives to a whole lot of strangers! 

When Sara was 2, she became a sister. And when Sara was 2, she lost a sister. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Coffee Cake Mug Cake

Sometimes you just need a quick sugar fix. Enter the mug cake.

I have experimented with mug cakes many times. I mean, who wouldn't want hot, delicious cake in less than five minutes? Some are good, some are, well, not.

This is one of the better ones I have tried.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Claws and Caves

I first heard about cooperative board games from Play Eat Grow.  Yes, that's right.  I learned about them on my own blog.  Tiffany had a chance to review some board games and my own kids received on for Christmas 2014 that has gotten a lot of use.  Now, I know that competition is a natural part of lives, and I think especially for boys it's really a part of who they are.  "I buckled my seatbelt first!"  "I finished my cracker first!"  "I got my clothes on fastest!"  I mean seriously, why does it matter who does any of those things first?  But I digress.  We enjoy playing many different types of games as a family, but sometimes the whole winner-bragging-loser-crying thing gets old, so I think it's a great to pull out a cooperative game!

Friday, March 20, 2015

How Do I Talk To My Child About Adoption?

This post is the fourth in our "How do I talk to my child about?" series. We are covering bad languagedisabilities, divorce, adoption, death, race, religion, and personal protection. You won't want to miss these, so be sure to follow us by email on the sidebar and never miss a post!

(Today's post is courtesy of a friend, Jennifer, who is currently in the process of adopting an infant. Here are some snippets of her conversations and thoughts about sharing the process with her four-year-old.)

"Mommy, when is MY baby coming?"

I had been expecting that question. I knew my 4 year old son would eventually ask.
Two of his little friends had just welcomed their baby siblings into the world, and my son was still waiting for-and wondering about- his baby. He had been waiting 7 months already,  and that was 8 months ago!
What kind of freakishly long pregnancy is this anyway, you ask?

It's the adoption kind of 'pregnancy'.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

50 Easy Peasy Dinners

I've had a lot of friends lamenting lately about how they just can't figure out WHAT TO EAT FOR DINNER!

While I absolutely love to throw the fun and exciting meal in there every other week or so, I've learned that most of the time I work best at just cooking what I know. It's less stressful, it's fast, kids are able to help more easily (because I know what I'm doing). So, I've compiled a long list of easy, go-to recipes that (mostly) don't call for a lot of ingredients. So even if you just cooked on through this list, you wouldn't eat the same meal for TWO WHOLE MONTHS (counting leftover nights, of course).

Here goes nothing.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Marble Painting Shamrocks

With Saint Patrick's Day coming up tomorrow, I decided to do this simple activity with my nieces.  I love that it makes a simple, seasonal decoration with materials I have on hand.  It doesn't make a huge mess, and you can sneak in some learning as well!